About us

Business Philosophy

Honesty--Reasonable price and down-to-earth practice--

Humbleness--Efficient costs and effective management--

Perfection--Diversified R&D and timeliness--

Diligence--Proactive service and quality assurance--

Scope of business

Pumps, valves,mechanical parts, automotive parts, hydraulic tools, and parts in foods, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and petrochemical industries.


No. 4, Aising St., Jhongsing Industrial Park, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County


(1) Casting plant:Land space 5000 sq. m.; floor space 7800 sq.m.

(2) Machining plant:Land space 2400 sq.m.; floor space 2700 sq.m.


Capital:NT$92 million

Past History

1993 Was founded as Chia Yeh Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

1996 Became a member of the Taiwan Casting Industry Association.

2000 Was awarded ISO 9001 certification for quality assurance system.

2001 Was awarded TUV AD2000/PED quality assurance system.

2002 Became a member of the Taiwan Foundry Society.

2004 Rebuilt new plants.

New plant completed with space 6000 sq.m.

Assigned management consultants to educate and upgrade the company management systems for long term. In August, was awarded DNV certification for material.

2010 Expanded construction of Phase-2 plant completed with space 7800 sq.m.

Introduced ERP system for total computerization.

2014 Acquired new bulidings and completed machining plants.

Purchased new Zeiss 3-D measuring devices,2.5D optical instruments, surface roughness gauges and other precision measuring devices.

In July,developed and promoted highly corrosion-resistant alloys (duplex stainless steel,Hastelloy C,Inconel 625,etc.) and highly abrasion-resistant alloys in cooperation with Metal Industries Research & Development Center.

Was nominated by the Taiwan Foundry Society as demo plant in the 8th International Seminar of Investment Casting.

Satisfy customer quality requirements / Reduce quality problem to ZERO DEFECT / Increase production efficiency

Total quality management has always been a principle we persist in. In realizing such philosophy, we resort to cutting-edge and exceptional techniques, strict process management and professional quality monitoring instruments and by the standardized operation models that are designed for customer satisfaction, highly efficient to achieve on time deliveries and good quality products, along with our dedication to R&D and innovation to achieve sustained and steady growth toward the goal of sustainable business operation.